ANOTHER Mission Glitch!

Club Penguin!  You have TOO many glitches!  Today, after I posted the Club Penguin Mission Glitch, my author, Coolman12743 showed me yet another picture of a mission glitch! It is a similar problem to the one I posted earlier but it looks even MORE messed up!
The original glitch took place in the mission "Waddle Squad" and this glitch happened in Aunt Arctic's mission!  It's strange because every day, Club Penguin has more and more glitches that are found!  This is a very odd glitch, because it's not like this could easily just happen.  Something Club Penguin did lately must have messed up a lot of their game code, or something!  What do you think of these glitches?



slippeestars said...

cp needs to fix this old glitch ,it dosent realy have an original mission for the glitch its happend to me befor, very old glitch

number pengu said...

found a glitch- i was trying to log into abominable and all it said was *load_undefined*

Bobhead202, CPS Pres. said...

Oh, how I know that feeling. xD