SUPER EXCLUSIVE - Club Penguin Improvement Project COMING BACK!??

WOAH! My friend Ivan30660 sent me an AMAZING exclusive!  So, I'm not sure if you were around for the Club Penguin Improvement Project.  A few years ago it was open to special penguins who found it, to help make Club Penguin better!  Anyways, the CPIP has been closed for years, but rumours have been spreading that it is returning to the island some time soon!  So, today Ivan showed me this amazing exclusive of something that Club Penguin is secretly hiding!  When I went to what he showed me, I saw the CPIP door... only it DIDN'T have the special note on it, saying it was closed!
I clicked on the Eye Scan 3000... and it WORKED! The door OPENED!
The buttons no longer work, because they just bring you to the screen that says they are closed!  This might seem like old news, but why would Club Penguin be keeping these files around, for no reason?  The sign on the door also says it's closed FOR NOW.  

Then, however, I clicked on the button to read the CPIP blog.  Not much appeared, but my internet browser DID tell me that Club Penguin UPDATED the CPIP blog, TWO DAYS AGO!  This might be leading to something BIG, or it could be just to throw us off.  However, I think this might be a sign of something!

When I looked into this further, I actually found some more secret pages!  When you click on the "Report a bug" or the Server Test thing, it quickly, in one MILLISECOND, flashes a secret page.  They clearly DON'T want us to see these pages, but they aren't deleting them because they know they might come back in the future!  Here's the first page, it doesn't say much...
"Keep checking the blog and the Club Penguin Improvement Project home page for updates." it says.  Hmm... this is a sign that it might be returning!  Here's the other page, which has a bit more to it:
It's the report a bug page!  If the Club Penguin Improvement Project actually wasn't coming back, Club Penguin would've just deleted these pages, because there'd be no need for them to be clogging up their files!  What do you think Club Penguin is planning!?  I think they're working on something BIG.  How about you?


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Red Head Brunette said...

Look at the other features! Theyre blackened out and not albe to be clicked, but they say some cool stuff! Only once caught my eye:

"New Website

Redesigned Club Penguin Website Coming Soon!"

Hmmm... Was that old? Or are they possibly updating it AGAIN? Or are we being tricked by the whole idea...