Club Penguin Times Issue #278

June17 here! A new issue of the Club Penguin Times have been delivered today! This week's topics are on the Puffle Party Construction and the return of the Puffle Bean Bag Chairs.

Construction has begun for the Puffle Party. Rumours are spreading around about the party rooms. One worker says that Brown Puffles will have inventions in their room and Orange Puffles, well, are in a place of boxes. Stay tuned for the Puffle Party on February 18!
As you may know there is a new Better Igloos Catalog out today and with that is the return of the Puffle Bean Bag Chairs! You can customize them in different colours and designs! If you want one of your own, go check your Better Igloos catalog and customize it however you want.Here are the upcoming events:
February 11: New Better Igloos and Igloo Music

February 18: Puffle Party is Here

February 24: Haunting of the Viking Opera

Well, that's it!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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