What's New In July!

Billybob posted a what's new in July post!  Here's a sneak peek of what to expcet this month:
Hmm... looks like Music Jam stuffs!  What do YOU think?  Comment!  I think this music jam is gonna be AWESOME!

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Anonymous said...

Colors:Surprise me
Backround:Sursprise me
If you dont mind i would like it to be the Club Penguin logo with World at the bottom like in the logo.
I would like 1 avatar in the picture I dont care what the color is but can it be a beta hat with 3d glasses on and the beta hat shirt. Thats All I Want Thanks! My email is firestar9003@gmail.com if u need to send it to me

Fredfan4ever said...

Slidoo, didn't you used to post about the membership page? Well there's a new page out, and I think there will be a new All-Access Pass and it looks cool!

Lopakoy said...

hey hey hey..what is the exact date today in your time??

☺§lídôô☻ said...

Yes, I've seen it! I agree, that pass looks awesome. I was waiting until today to actually post about it though, because of the other updates. I wanted to give penguins a chance to see the other updates fresh, and then post it today. I'll post it later today or tomorrow. I agree it looks very cool!

Lopakoy said...

What's the name of the page? Is it the access more page?

Oh yeah, and when is the 'something big' coming which you mentioned i the secret page?

Lopakoy said...

I asked about the date on your time because, how come the penguin style catalog was supposed to be released on 2 july, and you posted the cheats on 30 june?

☺§lídôô☻ said...


The avatar on your header will cost:

1 coin code
3 card-jitsu codes

If you cannot pay, just tell me and I will make your header without the avatar. If there is another picture you would like instead of that avatar, comment with the link. If you CAN pay email the codes to slidoo@live.ca