Penguin Style July 2010 Hidden Item CHEATS!

The new Penguin Style catalogue is OUT!  Here is the cover:

Here are the hidden item cheats:

Click the treetop for the 3D Glasses!

Click the penguin's foot for the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar!

Click the right peg on the top of the speaker-like thingy for The Rocker hair!

Click the LEFT one for the Supernova Suit!

Click the dial thing for the Blue Sunglasses!

Click the speaker for the Purple Electric Bass!

Click the inside of the piano for the Red Sunglasses!

Click the tiki mask mouth (I think that's what it is...) for the Trombone!

Click the Penguin At Work's beak for a girl rockstar outfit!

Click the bubble for the Red Viking Helmet!  Open and close it 4 or 5 times for the blue viking helmet!

Click the grapes for the Medieval Dress and hair!

Click the table leg for the Green Dragon costume!

Click the bottom of the curtain for the Long Braided Hair and Green Dress!

Click the wall for the Green Hooded Cloak!

Finally, click the pink dance floor for the Green Face Paint. 

WOW!  That was a HUGE catalogue with LOTS of hidden items!  Well done, Club Penguin!  Because of this new catalogue, I've found a new outfit to wear!

Time to make a new avatar and watermark!

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Dingeljoe said...

idk if your done posting but there are still more cheats.

Miley00012 said...

love ur cheats