Adventure Party 2010 Scavenger Hunt CHEATS!

THERE IS A SCAVENGER HUNT! WOOT! Click the paper boat to begin.

Hmm... let's look at the hint...

I know!!  The forest.  The first paper boat is at the Forest.

Now you have 1 paper boat!  The second boat is at the Beach.

The third boat is at the Snow Forts!

Now you have 3 boats!  The next boat is in the Hidden Lake.  A faster way to go to the Hidden lake in this party is to go to the Forest, and click the big boulder.

The fifth boat is at the Plaza!

Awesome!!  Now you have 5 out of 8 boats.  The sixth boat is at the Town.

Now you have 6 out of 8 boats!  The seventh boat is at the Sky Village!

The LAST boat is at the Iceberg!

Now, click "BUILD THE MAP"

Now drag the pieces of the map into the squares that appear to build the picture!  Once you're done...

Click claim prize to get a background!

The item is not available yet!  Weird, I guess we're too fast for them!
Update: The item is now available!

It says that there is another prize if you dig at the Cove...

AWESOME!!  You get a pirate bandana!  All you have to do is dig on the X once you have completed the scavenger hunt.  If you don't yet have a drill, there is one you can get in the caves!

There is LOTS more to the party and it'll be posted SOON!

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!