Island Adventure Party 2010 Highlights List!

From now on, at every party, I'll make a highlights list!  Here's my highlights list for the Island Adventure Party 2010:

1. There are some really cool battleships for members!  To get to them go to the Beach, and then onto the dock circled here:

Now you'll be at the awesome ships!

You can ALSO access these ships from the Cove!  When you click the scroll on the side of the red boat, a message comes up...

2. Make sure you get all the free items and the new pin!  New Pin & Free Item CHEATS

3. Be a pirate at the Cove!

It is REALLY fun being a pirate with your friends!  Later today I will meet with some of my friends and we will play pirates, maybe!

4. Check out the really cool snow forts!

That is ANOTHER great place to play pirates! 

That's my highlight list!  I really like the party, although I think Club Penguin went a little over the top with pirates, do you? 

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!


Oopsyocto155 said...

Slidoo, there is another way to get to the battle ships too! At the cove there is a little boat floating with a wooden arrow that leads you to the battle to! You should add that passage way in your post as well!

☺§lídôô☻ said...

Yes I know, I posted it!