Calling EPF Agents Around The World

Club Penguin is having a bonus contest thing!  You need to take a picture of your favourite penguin or puffle toy and send it to Club Penguin!

It doesn't sound like there's a prize, but the winning one will be posted on Club Penguin!  Cool!!  Do you think you'll enter?  I think I might! ;-)

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!


Shawn Lily said...

Go to my blog and look at the offer I'm giving out! You can't miss it!

Club Penguin's Sweetheart,
Shawn Lily

P.S. Seriously!

Shawn Lily said...

Header Order!

Penguin Name: Shawn Lily

Website Name: Club Penguin Paradise

Website URL:

Picture Link:

Text: Club Penguin Paradise, Home of Club Penguin's Sweetheart

Not Wanted: Stripes

Banner or Header: Header

Pixels: 750x750

Colors: Pink, White, Black, Blue, Green, Purple

Animation: No

Customized Avatar: No

Extras: Puffles