Club Penguin Island Adventure Sneak Peek!

Hi everyone!  Sorry that I'm a little late, I am not in a PSA time zone so I was asleep last night when Billybob posted this.  Anyway,

Billybob released a sneak peek of the Adventure Party 2010!

Awesome!!  Those look like the special battle ships, which, Billybob says, will be for members only.  In fact, this is not just an adventure party, but an ISLAND adventure party!  Does this mean there will be party decorations and adventures in EVERY ROOM!?  What do YOU think?  Comment!
-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!


Jediluke8 said...

Slidoo,nevermind about that question i did it.

Jediluke8 said...

I wanna order a banner.

Penguin name:Jediluke8

Website name:Jediluke8's CP Hangout

Website Url:

I want it to say:Check out Jediluke8's CP Hangout!

I want a banner

Pixels:300 by 250

Colors:Light blue,Orange,and purple

Not animated

No avatar

Lopakoy said...

c00l! If all rooms are decorated, that's gonna be awesome!

๒เг๔א_(Ŧєг๔tђє๒เг๔) said...

Good Point! ;0)