New Newspaper!

There's a new newspaper today!

The adventure party begins LATER TODAY! 

There will be a scavenger hunt, battleships, digging for treasure, and LOTS more!  Sadly, Rockhopper IS NOT going to reach the island in time for the party beginning, so he will be here on June 21.  The party ends on June 27! 


Press "E" on your keyboard, and then another letter to display an emote.  You might find some that aren't on your emote list!

Connect the dots!  Connect the dots to see a treasure chest!

June 25: New igloo music
July 2: New penguin style
July 9: New postcards
July 23: Underwater Adventure play returns to the Stage

I can't wait for this party!!
-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner
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