Rockhopper Reviewed By You!

Last week Club Penguin asked us what we would do if we could spend an ENTIRE day with Rockhopper, and Squeaky 5066 told them...

If I could spend a day with Rockhopper we would swim with the fishes and sunbath on a rock and get out our picnic hamper to see what goodies it held, then we could go on a boat and do some fishing followed by scuba diving and lastly swim with the dolphins.

WOW!  Great entry!  This week Club Penguin would like to know what the ULTIMATE field-op mission would be!  Click here to tell them.  I entered this week!  Wouldn't that be cool if I won?

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вírdч_(fєrdthєвírd) said...


Sorry for the caps!

Alex (Polkadotblu9) said...

Hi guys, it's me Polka... just though I'd stop by. See ya!

Kristen said...

Slidoo Racket2000 and Bobhead kept banning me, Zoeyuluv, Coolman, hoot333, swimpeng, and someone called WooglyDumplings for no reason on your chat!

Kristen said...

Bobhead also kicked me for being rude and mean after I told him I reported him to you. I will keep you updated while I'm on the chat.

Zachzach7812 said...

please can i join Islidoo
Just if you need it email zachary.buller@tesco.nett

why was there not a june 2010 newsletter coz i love them

☺§lídôô☻ said...

Hi Zachzach! You need to comment with a password you would like to have for your account, and your account will take a few days to create.

I did not make a newsletter because I don't think I will keep the program, but I have something much better replacing it coming soon ;-)