New Newspaper With Adventure Plans!

As usual, there's a new newspaper out today!  Read it here:

Yay!  Club Penguin is telling us what the adventure plans are!

Yup!  It's time for an ADVENTURE PARTY!  There will be a place mermaids love, secret forts, nautical games, and Rockhopper!!  Captain Rockhopper isn't just coming, we are somehow CALLING him to the island!!  Is this a job for EPF agents?

How to call Rockhopper:
1. Light flares
2. Rockhopper spots flares
3. Keep a look out for Rockhopper

Hmm... this sounds like LOTS of fun! Do you think calling Rockhopper will be a weekly task for EPF agents?  Maybe!

As usual, there is a secret revealed in the newspaper!  Unfortunately, we already know this secret because it's been in the paper lots of times.

On pages C3 and C4, there is a wordsearch!

Here are the answers to the hidden words:

Cool!  I can't wait for the Adventure party can you?

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!


Lopakoy said...

cOOl! cAn't wait for the party! and rockhopper!

Anonymous said...

hi i hav a theery:
mabey teh new room epf said is comin is teh plase they say mermads luv