Field - Ops Is Here!

Both of the new gadgets are here on the EPF gadgets!  One is a special place where you can get EPF stuffs, and the other is the field - ops!  When you click it, you will learn that you must report for duty in the Command Room!

Oh no!  Herbert is planning another POPCORN ATTACK!

Click ACCEPT and then start looking for "big letter S".


NO you CANNOT melt it with an elite puffle... so go to the Town...

LOOK! THE BIG S!!  Walk up to it!  Now, your phone will start to ring... answer it by clicking it.

Location found!  Woot!  Click ENGAGE.
Now, a puzzle will come up.  Mouse over the red dots to see a symbol.  Then click one and mouse over the others until you find one with the SAME symbol.  Click that one too, and you will attach the wire.  Do the same for all the dots and wires in 1 minute to win!

Now click on elite gear and you can BUY special stuffs with your medals!  Every week when there is a new field-op, if you complete it, you will get a medal!  Cool!

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!


Issac Lee said...

Hey, thanks bud.

From: Issac Lee
To: Slidoo

P.S. I'm SL's little bro

Lopakoy said...

For what did you thank him? Oh you're her bro? Hi!