Field Ops #2 CHEATS!

The second field ops mission is OUT!  To begin go to the HQ and click FIELD-OPS.

Now accept the field-op!

Go to the mountain top!  Now, walk up to the pole.  This works best for QUIET SERVERS. 

When you finally get it, your phone will ring.  BE PATIENT.  This field-op is NOT well planned and it takes a while to get the phone to ring due to all the penguins trying to get it at once but eventually you'll get it... hopefully... Now answer your phone and you will have a challenge:

Click ENGAGE and take the puzzle!

How to play:  Use the arrow keys to guide the microchip into all of the passageways.  Sometimes one will have a lock, you will find the key somewhere in the track.  Getting electricuted will cause your microchip to lose power, and you will also lose power after you go to one of the power boxes.  To recharge your chip, go to the loading circle:

It is a good idea to recharge after powering up every powerbox, so you can then fully power the next one.  Now, you have completed the mission and you get a medal!

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