Hey everyone!  I was recently looking up some information on "Club Penguin Game Day" for the Nintendo Wii, and I found a video made by Disney/Toys R Us!  Here's how to find the video:

First, click here.
Next, scroll down until you see different catagories.  Select the Nintendo Wii section.
Find the video about Club Penguin Game Day in the Wii bubble!

We will get to go into "Java Sacks" and hop around and race, and do lots of new competitve sports games!  I wonder what other fun things we will get to do!  What do you think?  Any ideas?

Sadly, I do not have a Wii and won't be getting one any time soon, so I won't be able to post much about the game.  Hopefully, Billybob will release LOTS of sneak peeks for us! 

Also, every day, I get very inappropriate links posted as comments left by "Anonymous".  Temporarily, for this week, users without OpenID or Blogger accounts will not be able to comment.  Sorry! (This lasts from June 17-24)

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner Please comment! I love comments!


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