EPF Sneak Peek & New Room THIS WEEK!

Club Penguin EPF agents are going to start recieving WEEKLY assignments!  AWESOME!  Here's a sneak peek:

On the EPF page it says that the gadget shown is called the Field-Ops!  Here's a picture for proof:

Hmm... it says "Be ready to report for duty".  Also, the Command room is almost finished!  It'll be finished later this week, and... A NEW ROOM will ALSO be out later THIS WEEK!  What room could this be?  Any theories!?

Also I made another avatar/cartooned penguin!  This one took HOURS AND HOURS (Almost 10 hours, seriously!) So PLEASE do not steal it!  You CANNOT steal any of my avatars unless they are customly made for you.

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner www.ClubPenguinCheatWorld.com Please comment! I love comments!


slippeestars said...

uhh the way to old hq?mabey??

Lopakoy said...

Awesome avatar!

Tooters Polluters/SecUer Manure said...

header order plz give us a header with those puffles you put in our old one and write the awesome club penguin cheats with The Sly Fly and Tik Tok Rock :) make it lime green dark blue and some other colors :) thanks :)

99claudio99 said...

um hi i followed u and put ur banner on my blog so can u follow mine?
peace out and waddle on!