June 2010 Furniture Catalogue Cheats!

There is a new furniture catalogue out!  Here is the cover:

Here are the item cheats:

Click the top of the clothing rack for the HQ TV!

Click above the Penguin Mannequin sign for the Tropical Palm! (Thanks Birdy)

Click the third window on the Pirate Ship for the Bamboo Torch!

Click the window of the Stone Wall for the Mermaid Vanity! (Thanks again Birdy)

Click the blue flower for the Ficus Plant!

Click the plant for the Poodle Plant!

Click the top of the throne for the Snake Grass!

Click the symbol of the Medieval Banner for Bulrushes!

Click the top of the curtain for the Recycle Bin!

Click the lampshade for the Green Bookcase!

Click the middle shelf for the Green Deck Chair!

That's all the cheats for now!  There is also an igloo upgrades catalogue... cheats coming soon!

-Slidoo, Club Penguin Cheat World Owner www.ClubPenguinCheatWorld.com Please comment! I love comments!


๒เг๔א_(Ŧєг๔tђє๒เг๔) said...

Slidoo, you missed a few cheats!
1) Above the text, "Penguin Maniquen," click the cash register! (It's a small rectangle)
2) If you click inside the square of the Stone Wall, you get an item!

Be sure to give me credit please!


๒เг๔א_(Ŧєг๔tђє๒เг๔) said...

Slidoo, about the comment on our site. I only post new cheats! ;-)