Ultimate Rockhopper Tracker July 2011!

Update: Sometimes our tracker may update SLOW on Google Chrome... For more accurate tracking results use Internet Explorer, or try clearing your Chrome cache.

Hello penguins,

As usual, Club Penguin Agents will be working with all you wonderful penguins to track Rockhopper! We find Rockhopper a LOT so it'd be a wise idea to track with us!

Just like usual, we will be using the SlidooGalaxy chat group to work together to find Rockhopper FAST! But, this time, instead of posting the current location at the bottom of the chat, my friend Penguin75297, owner of Club Penguin 4 You, has made me a PHP tracker! This means that my authors and I, along with a few penguins who are some of my best friends, will be able to go to a simple link and change what the tracker says! All of Rockhopper's locations will be posted right here... And you can also put the tracker on your blog!
This tracking session will be really fun, and I really hope that you add our ultimate Rockhopper tracker to your website or blog!

Before we get to the chat, we must go over a few rules:
1. No fake locations AT ALL!
2. No swearing/bad language/inappropriate language
4. No asking "Where is Rockhopper?" over and over again. Everybody is looking, and the tracker above will tell you the location if we know it!
5. No spamming the chat.
6. Be nice and BE RESPECTFUL!
Okay, now that you know the rules, let's get to the chat! Remember, if you find Rockhopper, post his location on the chat and somebody will update the tracker!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Have fun tracking! If you track with Club Penguin Agents, then I'm positive that you will meet Rockhopper!

Rockhopper Tracking Tips:
Rockhopper visits the following rooms: The Migrator (any of the parts), the Plaza, the Town, the Pizza Parlour, the Snow Forts, the Forest, the pirate ships, the Beach, the Nightclub, the Mine Shack, the Forest, the Cove, and the Iceberg.
Rockhopper can usually be found on a 3-5 bar server.
Rockhopper visits any language servers, not just English servers!


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