Club Penguin- Puffle Hats!

Hey penguins? Today I have some cool new things to show you that we got from the Beta Team! We got some pictures of Puffle Hats! The Club Penguin team has posted some ideas for Puffle hats on the beta team, and they show numerous amounts of pictures! Well here at CPA I have some to show you! I love the creativity and uniqueness that was used to design these hats! Check it out!
 The Orange Puffle's hat idea by the CP team!
  The Green Puffle's hat idea by the CP team!
 The Brown Puffle's hat idea by the CP team!

As you can see these new hats are magnificent! I love how creative these are! I can't wait till these come out and I wonder when they will come out! What do you think about these hats? Tell us in the comments below!

-Gokhan137, Club Penguin Agents Author

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slippeestars said...

can i be in the next cp reality, reply