Adventure Party: Rockhopper Returns

Hey Penguins!

Rockhopper has returned to the Island for the Island Adventure Party. Rockhopper's visit hasn't gone as planned because his Cream Soda has gone missing! Rockhopper needs your help to find the missing Cream Soda! Lets take a look and see what items he has brought with him -

Those are some cool items! My favorite item is the Wall Map because it would great in an Adventure themed Igloo and you would be able to find the Treasure without getting lost.

Rockhopper has left a note.... Lets take a look -

Here is what the note says -

Click on the Eye Patch and you will be able to get a new pin -

I guess we should start the search for the missing Cream Soda, Rockhopper tells us to go to the Iceburg, so I'm guessing we should start our search at the Iceburg...

(The Cream Soda Hunt Cheats will be posted soon)

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

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