Adventure Party Sneak Peek... What's Klutzy Up To?

Are you ready for the Adventure Party? I hope you are, because Happy77 has just released a BRAND NEW video sneak peek!

WHOA... What's Klutzy doing!? This brings us back to the leaked whiteboard, that said a blackout would be coming to Club Penguin in June/July... And the STRANGE EXCLUSIVE leaked EPF photos... AND the Sun/Shadow Ninja EXCLUSIVES... My theory is that something HUGE is going to happen in the next few days, involving Herbert, Klutzy, and the EPF... Remember, there is still one more system defender level, the Director's level, which according to Happy77 will be released in AUGUST...
Hmm... Although the Adventure Party looks really cool, I'm more concerned and thinking about what Klutzy was going! What are your theories, and thoughts on the sneak peek of the Adventure Party?



Anonymous said...

*Alfred* Okay. I wish Herbert was around. I don't know what to say, and one question. How do I post a video onto my blog?

P.S. My blog is:

Anonymous said...

Slidoo, pause at 0:08 on the video, you should see some notes at the Plaza and near the Nightclub at the Town! Maybe it is for a scavenger hunt!