Club Penguin- July Clothing Catalog Cheats 2011!

Hey penguins! The July Clothing Catalog will come out this week! But here at Club Penguin Agents we have the cheats for YOU right now and right here! Unfortunately, this month's catalog has only one hidden item! Well I guess that is okay, but I personally would like more. Anyways, enough of talking from me...lets get to the cheats!
For the first (and only) hidden item open up to page 7. And then click on the first hanging candle in the background to get the hidden item.
Well that's it penguins! I actually kind of don't like this catalog...Club Penguin just keeps bringing back the previous items. But I wonder what they will bring in the future! What do you think about this catalog? Tell us in the comments below!

- Gokhan137, Club Penguin Agents Author

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