Better Days - Penguin Band Official Video

Hey everybody!

Well today was AWESOME, because I got to meet Happy77! We waddled around the island for a long time and then... She actually played Card-Jitsu Fire with ME! I recorded it, and I'll upload the video later today... Update: Turns out that Hypercam wasn't working correctly and it didn't record! :( I'm still looking for the file, just incase it's hidden... YES! I FOUND IT! But she JUST posted a video called "Better Days" by the Penguin Band... This is the official music video!

What's really cool about this, is, at about 1:27 you can see MY PENGUIN on the VERY bottom right corner! Very cool, huh? Happy77 is a very fun girl on Club Penguin! My friend Penian4 even got added by her tonight! So, tell me... Have you ever met Happy77 on Club Penguin?



Anonymous said...

Dang! I was never in it! Move over Slidoo! You've already had your two seconds of fame! Ha ha! Jk. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I saw you Slidoo! You were on the Red Mat! I saw you! ~Alfred9806

Anonymous said...

*Alfred9806* I saw many famous penguins!
The lists of penguins I saw in the video:

* Tundrafluff
* Optimusprime
* Yoda Ads
* Businesmoose
* Happy77
* Monchocho
* Slidoo
(To see Monchocho, pause the video when the video duration is 1:26. You will see Monchocho saying,"Is rockhopper coming?")