Club Penguin Times Issue #299

Hello Penguins! June17 here!

Can't you believe it? Club Penguin Times has released their 299th issue, one issue away from their 300th! Anyway, this week's newspaper is focusing on Rockhopper's Arrival and the new Igloos.

If you head over to the Beach, you might recognize an old machine called the "Flare Flinger 3000". This machine is used to call Rockhopper every year for the Adventure Party. Rockhopper will need to arrive on July 22, just in time for the party. One penguin said we need to launch a bajaillion times(LOL). Make sure to go to the Beach to help call Rockhopper.
If you don't know, an new Igloo Upgrades and Better Igloos catalog has been released. Mermaids and Pirates around the island are moving in into their new igloos. The CPT talked with one mermaid who loved the new Mermaid Cove. Look for the Igloo you always wanted in new Igloo Upgrades out now!! Now here are the upcoming events:

Starting Now: Adventure Party Construction Begins

July 22: Adventure Party, New Postcards, Rockhopper Arrives
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