SUPER EXCLUSIVE Card-Jitsu Sneak Peeks

Today, our NEW Club Penguin Agents author Gokhan137 gave me some REALLY cool Card-Jitsu sneak peeks...

Okay, so remember on the leaked Club Penguin whiteboard of events, it said there'd be a blackout in June/July? Well, lately rumours about something called a "Sun Ninja" have been spreading... Here's even more proof of this theory!

These exclusives that are found in Club Penguin's files (so they are 100% real) show images of this new type of ninja... Maybe these ninjas will have to bring the light back to Club Penguin?... Here's the first sneak peek:
Some other penguins are saying this is the Shadow Ninja... I guess we'll have to wait to find out the truth. But, it looks like they're working to bring light back... The Dojo seems to be lit by just a small light bulb...

Let's look at the next one:
It looks like these penguins, which are also in a room just lit up by a light bulb or flashlight, are looking up and seeing some sort of ninja in the room... Maybe to help bring back the light! Now let's look at the next one:
Hmm.. Very interesting! This also looks as if it is only being lit with a flashlight or light bulb.
Hold on.. That looks too familiar... That looks like when Card-Jitsu was first introduces and we had to dig out the Dojo!!! What is going on!? It seems like the biggest event in Club Penguin's history is about to happen, my friends...



Wwerocks88 said...

This post just proved it! There IS a Blackout coming! Can't wait! Nice find, Gokhan137! (And congratz on getting the job!)

Anonymous said...

He posted a Youtube video about him having the Shadow Ninja suit! Believe me! I watched it!

Greendude497 said...

Picture 1: It seems like these Shadow Ninjas have the ability to control shadows. Interesting!
Picture 2: Seems like the mystery of the shadow in the mirror is gonna be revealed!
Picture 3: Remember the first time we recovered the dojo and penguins kept spotting shadows. Everyone thought they were regular ninjas, but it turns out they were Shadow Ninjas!
Picture 4: This one is interesting. This definitely has something to do with the Shadow Ninjas, because can you see the shadow? But why would there be snow over the dojo? I think this picture may have something to do with the Snow Ninjas!
Awesome pictures Gokhan!

Stephen726 said...

That is very interesting!

P.S. Thanks for accepting my friend request at you awsome party!

kiz said...

The bottom picture is for card jitsu snow ice because we would have to dig it out AGAIN because of snow all over it

King55614 and Gillan said...

May i copy these and credit this site?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

dont you think youll have to make good shadows in this game to win