MAJOR Impersonation BUGS!

Update: We found the answer! Click here.


JUST about an hour ago rsnail, Club Penguin's founder who founded the official Club Penguin game back in 2005 along with 2 friends, was just spotted at Sleet, Dock! But was it real?...
NO! First of all, this penguin did not even have the year old stamp yet, and rsnail was probably the first penguin ever created! Second of all, Rsnail's REAL penguin has the name "rsnail" with a LOWER CASE R. Thirdly, his membership badge doesn't even have the first stripe!

Well, we all thought that that was a bit strange, somebody somehow got rsnail's username? But then... A penguin claiming to be Cena12121, a popular Club Penguin blogger since 2007, appeared in Sleet Dock. Was this penguin real?
No! This penguin was a fake too! And yet his name is IDENTICAL to the real Cena12121's... Cena is my buddy and therefore we have easy evidence that he is fake.

I just laughed out loud when I saw this...
Haha, that was pretty funny. Although that penguin didn't manage to be able to get my real name like somebody could for Cena and Rsnail, it was still considered an impersonation but not a glitch.

Now, this leaves us with a HUGE question: HOW!? It is NOT POSSIBLE to have 2 penguins with the same name! So how was it done? This is the strangest thing that ever happened in Club Penguin... Whoever is doing this is either VERY clever or just experienced a strange glitch. Either way, there were other impersonations happening such as "Jman93" and "Screennog". These are allowed because they are not the identical name but still, it's not nice to impersonate.

I'm still wondering how they did this! Who did this? How did they do it? What is going on?...



Anonymous said...

I think it's a trainer! I've been seeing bots lately, too! Oh, and when I was at the town, this penguin kept changing puffles while he was walking!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just in time. I got this news at 9:51. Cool. Just in time. And what?! Slydoo?! LOL?!

Thunder2135 said...

I know right. It`s really weird.

totidile said...

k k i met a fake screenhog its name was screennog ye screennog and i met a fake happy77 it was all fake we must catch thi person now slidoo plz we need to stop this person now if anyone sees this person plz report it and takepictur and send it to cpp righ way

Dsungaripterus said...

Weird, weird + weird!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Alfred9806 is here. I logged into a private server, and I laughed out loud. Why: I saw the CP Mascots. Fake actually. The names are:
. Gary (Gary)
. Cadence (Cadence)
Tante Arctic (Aunt Arctic)
Petey. K (Petey K)
. Stompin Bob (Stompin' Bob)
G Billy. (G Billy)
. Franky (Franky)
(P.S. I apologize if the names are wrong. But I saw these names.)