New Club Penguin Times Issue 300!

Hello penguin! June17 here!

It's Thursday and that means, there is a new newspaper! The Club Penguin Times has released their 300th issue today with interesting topics about the Adventure Party! The topics are about: The Cream Soda missing(guide can be found here) and some Adventure Tours!

If you didn't know, our famous pirate, Captain Rockhopper loves his Cream Soda! And today, his delivery of cream soda hasn't arrived at the island! Penguins everywhere are searching the island high and low for the missing barrels. Rockhopper said it is best to start at the Pizza Parlor. Now go find those missing barrels, Rockhopper is counting on you!
Many excited penguins are exploring a bunch of different places around the island like rain forests and hidden grottos. One tour guide helping lead the penguins was dodging snow balls at the Ship Battle between Pirates and Navy Crews. He said he takes his group right into the action! Make sure to explore the island as the Adventure Party leaves on July 31.
Now here are the upcoming events:

Starting Now: Island Adventure Party, Missing Cream Soda!

August 1: Tour Guides Get Paid(and EPF)

August 5: New High-speed Snow Gear at the Gift Shop!
That's it for this week's newspaper! What do you think? Tell us in the comments!


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