Reviewed By You: Adventure

Hello penguins! It's been a while since I've posted a Reviewed By You, but here we go! So, last week Club Penguin wanted to hear about some helpful friends that we've met on Club Penguin. The answer they got from Jellybug2000 was as follows:

Someone who has been helpful to me has been one of my good friends Jennatlc. She showed me around Club Penguin and she helped me with quests along the way! We have done everything together and she is supportive to other people and follows all of the rules! Plus, she loves to help people with pins and stamps! I hope she gets the 10,000 coins because I think she did a great job! Waddle on Cp!

Great entry, Jellybug! But, is it just me or has this penguin won a previous Reviewed By You?... Something about the name is familiar to me! This week, Club Penguin wants to know what has your favourite adventure been so far? If you win this week's Reviewed By You, you'll get your name and review featured on the Club Penguin blog, along with 10000 coins! To enter, click here.


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