Club Penguin Times Issue #298

Catalog and new pin below!

Hello Penguins, June17 here!

After the short wait, CP has finally released the new newspaper with their 298th issue! This week's issue includes info about the new Clothing Catalog and new Igloos items coming next week!

Today, new adventuring items have arrived at the Gift Shop! From mermaids to pirates, penguins from across the island have waddled over to the Gift Shop. Pirates are trying out new rags, while mermaids are trying out their new hairstyles. Even one captain was showing off his new hat. Make sure to check out the new Clothing Catalog at the Gift Shop NOW!
Coming next week, a new Better Igloos catalog with new items for adventurers will be here! The CPT talked with a castaway who was preparing his igloo. He said " I'm gonna hang up lotsa vines." Tune in on July 14 for the new Better Igloos catalog.
Now here are the upcoming events:

July 14: New Better Igloos, New Igloo Upgrades, Igloo Music, Party Construction Begins
That's it! What do you think about the newspaper?


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