New Club Penguin Times Issue #301

Hello Penguin! June17 here!

It's Thursday, which means there is a new newspaper! Today, The Club Penguin Times has released there 301 issue! This week's issue is focusing on the mystery of the missing cream soda and new extreme snow gear coming soon to the Gift Shop!

Explorers around the island have finally uncovered the missing cream soda barrels! Rockhopper was thankful enough to share with us his cream soda after the long hunt. But, the mystery still remains. Why was the cream soda not delivered to the island? Rockhopper would still like for the treasure hunt to continue.
Well, the title basically says it all. On August 4, New extreme snow gear is coming to the Gift Shop! One snowboarder said "I wonder why we're getting all this extreme gear? Something epic must be on the way..." Maybe a new game is coming? Another expedition? Anyway, new Penguin Style arrives on August 4! Now the part that most penguins look at first in the newspaper, the upcoming events! Can't read them? Here they are:

August 4: New Penguin Style, August Party Revealed

August 12: New Better Igloos

August 18: Team Blue vs. Team Red at the Stage
That is it for this week's newspaper! What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

~June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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