July 2011 Penguin Style Released

Hello penguins,

Although everybody has already seen the catalog because Billybob posted it early on the What's New blog, it has finally been released to everybody and we can now purchase any item in the catalog!
Hmm... It looks like this catalog is full of repeat items. Remember when Club Penguin introduced the new newspaper design? They said that parties and catalogs would be BETTER and DIFFERENT... But we have only seen the same parties and catalogs, with MORE BUGS!

Club Penguin- July Clothing Catalog Cheats 2011!



Anonymous said...

There are more cheats to the catalog and there are also new actions when you wear them....

Anonymous said...

I want everyone to stop playing Club Penguin until the staff finally have a GOOD response to our cries! I don't want,"We're working on it." I don't want,"It's no big deal." I want Club Penguin to just stop what they're doing and squash those bugs! >:(

Lunalovegood929 said...

Hi! I know it's really late, but there's a cheat that I DON'T think was in the SWF on the blog? Click here and see. http://img695.imageshack.us/img695/5993/screenshot20110710at906.png