Adventure Party: Item Cheats

Wow! I hope you're ready for an awesome adventure because right now the Adventure Party 2011 has been released. There are no free items, BUT you can pick up a Blue Crab costume for only 50 coins. It is located at the Hidden Lake...
The crab is the exact same as the Red Crab exclusive in one of the Treasure Books, but in blue... awesome!

The second item you can get from the Island Adventure Party is the Commander's Coat. To get this item, you must play the Crab Game in Mermaid's Cove, also known as the Hidden Lake! To play this game, you must put on your blue (or red, if you have it) crab costume, and then stand on one of the mats by the clams!
The giant clam shells will open up, revealing 3 gems - a blue, a yellow, and a red. You must watch closely as the clams close and spin around. Then, the crab will ask you to stand on the mat behind the clam which you think the certain colour gem is...
Once you're at the mat that you think the gem is at, the clams will open up and you'll find out of you're right or wrong! You must get the correct clam shell several times. Once you have done so, you will be able to pick up the free Commander Coat!
Congratulations, you have now earned the 2 items from the Island Adventure Party 2011! Stay tuned for the rest of the Island Adventure Party cheats!

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