Happy77 Faces Slidoo in Card-Jitsu Fire!

As you may already know, today I met Happy77 on Club Penguin! After a while, she came over and played a game of Card-Jitsu Fire with me! Watch:

Wow! She's so nice and awesome! For those of you who wanted music in the video, I'm sorry that I didn't add any... My sound isn't working and neither is my iTunes! Have you ever met Happy77? Have you ever played a game with another Club Penguin staff member?



Lunalovegood929 said...

DUDE! You beat a member! I mean, you won 1st place AGAINT HAPPY77! That's SO cool!

(BTW, This is Lemon2608)

Wwerocks88 said...

Woah! I bet that was awesome! I met her for a little bit but I had to get off because my show was on! (WWE)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah! I am gonna faint!!!!! That was AWESOME, you met Happy77! Aaaaaaaaah!