Summer Party Reminder!

*Hello penguins - this a repost to remind you of the party!
Hello penguins!

Wow, it's only been like, 2 weeks since my last party, but hey, let's have another one! This time, my friend A11766, the owner of Club Penguin's World of Cheats, are teaming up to host the biggest summer party of the year! Earlier today I met with him and we came up with the party details together. Guess what? You're invited! Everyone is!
We really do hope you join us, because it will be an hour of non stop fun! The two hosts, A11766 and I, will be travelling around the island together with all of you, and we'll move around frequently, so make sure to follow Slidoo and A11766  on Twitter so you don't get lost!

Best of all, Both A11766 and I WILL be adding! I will be completely clearing 40 penguins off of my buddy list, and I will add FORTY new penguins at the party! Make sure you go early, because the room  might get full! It's been full for some of my parties before... And with my fans AND A11766's fans together, it'll be HUGE!

If you have a Twitter account, click here and we will post a link to your Twitter right here! If you have a blog, paste this banner HTML somewhere on your blog and then comment saying your blog's URL, and we'll put a link to your blog right here:

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Here is the list of people who have either tweeted the advertisement or posted the banner on their blog:
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So, now the question is, are you coming?


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