Reviewed By You: Island Adventure

Hello penguins! Today, Happpy77/Billybob has posted the new Reviewed By You. Last week, they wanted to hear what your favourite adventure on the island is... This is what Lily2722 said:

My favorite adventure was way back in March, The Expedition party, when we were lost in the forest, but to my surprise, once you finished the leafy maze and fixed the contraption, we sailed across a lake and came to the Brown puffle's hidden cave! This was definitely my favorite party!

I agree, finding the brown puffle was certainly a lot of fun!

Wow! I'm in that picture! See the penguin saying "I'm a pirate"? That's me! I met Happy77 online just a few minutes ago. Anyways, this week they'd like to hear your stories about pirates, mermaids, castaways...What is your favorite part of the party? Write a review, 50-75 words, and then submit it here.  If your review is their favourite, it will be featured in next week's post, and you'll get 10,000 free coins! Awesome!

Waddle on!

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Anonymous said...

Slidoo. You are going to be more popular! You were in the picture! That's gonna be cool;Your penguin were in the picture...!

(p.s. I wish my penguin can be into a picture....)