Adventure Party: Missing Cream Soda Cheats

Hello pirates, penguins, mermaids, and anybody else enjoying the Island Adventure Party! When Rockhopper docked his ship earlier today, he noticed that his cream soda was missing! If you've been on Club Penguin for a while, you'll know that he absolutely loves his cream soda and can't live without it... We have to help him! To begin, go to Rockhopper's ship, and go down stairs. Click on this note...
Once you have clicked on the note, you will get to see what it says.
After you take the free eye patch pin, head over to the Iceberg to begin your journey! Once you arrive, you will notice a strange figure down in the water. Throw several fish (throw fish by throwing a snowball) at the creature! It will swim away, and a new note will appear.
The note gives us a free Telescope pin, and then tells us to go to the Dock! Hmm...
Once you go to the Dock, you will see a crate being dropped on the boat, and then the boat will explode! Your task here is to put the boat back together.
Once you have successfully put the boat back together, a new note will appear, along with a new pin!
Speak to the birds? Hmm... I know! The Tree Forts! The Tree Forts are located up the latter in the Forest. You have to imitate the birds by hitting the drums! Hit them in this order: yellow, blue, yellow, orange, red.
Now, a new note will hatch from the egg in the nest...
...Click on the note, and an old key pin AND a map will come up!
Now, you need to go to the Cove. Once you are there, pick up a free drill and start drilling on the X!
Now, once you have been drilling for a few seconds, Rockhopper's cream soda will appear, along with a note and FREE item!
Congratulations! You have found all of Rockhopper's missing cream soda... And you also received a free Continental hat! I hope that you are enjoying this new Island Adventure Party as much as I am!



Luna Lovegood929 said...

Hay, whats weird is that when you click the note thing to begin the quest, it takes you to the pizza parlor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree! Why the pizza shop