New Site Design & More!

As you can see, Club Penguin Agents has been completely redesigned! I wanted to give the blog a new, more modern and fresh look. I made sure to include all the old parts, as well ask some new parts!
I'd love to hear what you think... But it's not quite done yet! My goal making this new theme was to have Club Penguin Agents be the most helpful for new penguins... More helpful than any other blog! I think it is possible, but I still need to finish a lot of things. You may notice that only a few of the guides work... That is because I am taking my time to make all the new ones the best that they can be! If there are any suggestions that you have to improve this blog, please leave a friendly comment and I'll consider your ideas. Thanks!



Anonymous said...

Ok. No offence but this one is a lot better then the old one! :)

I love the new look! Everything matches overall. I love the design! Keep this up! :D

Anonymous said...

excuse me slidoo i was searching different cp blogs and i think this is the best and anyway i would like to work for u i doubt u will see this or give me a job beacause im not a member and my penguin name is Super King01 thats all u rock slidoo

Anonymous said...

the chat on the trackers don't work so pls try to improve that but great desin