Igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats July 2011

Wow! Hello penguins! Today, 2 new catalogs have been released, one of them being the Igloo Upgrades catalog. There are two really strange igloos that I'm not sure why they were made! Let's begin.
In this issue of Igloo Upgrades, there are two NEW igloos. One is hidden, and one is not! First, let's look at Mermaid's Cove.
Wow, that sure is one strange but cool igloo! For the only new hidden item, click on the purple thing circled above.
What? A whale's mouth!? That's a really strange igloo! I hope he doesn't eat the penguins inside... What is your favourite igloo in this month's catalog?



slippeestars said...

i put your banner on my blog but my blog is still in the making

Anonymous said...

Run for your lives! A whale is going to eat us! Aaaaah! Run for your lives! XD