Frosty Badge's Project: New Coins for Change Fund

Hello penguins,

Today it has come to my attention that a Club Penguin blogger named Frosty Badge has recently emailed me asking me a favour. He wants to get Club Penguin - the online Disney owned game that we all know and play - to add a new category to the next annual Coins for Change fundraiser - stop child abuse. Did you know that thousands of children are abused each year, mainly by their parents or somebody else in their family? It would be  fantastic for Club Penguin to raise awareness of this cause and donate money to help prevent it. In order for them to notice how many caring penguins want this new feature, please take the time to send them this message, written by Frosty Badge... If you can't copy it due to my copyright protection, just link to this post in an email to or

"Hello Club Penguin!

Recently, a user named Frosty Badge in your virtual world, Club Penguin, has decided he would like to do something about child abuse. I would like to discuss about the possibility of Disney's Club Penguin adding a new fund to the Global Citizenship program for you to donate to.

His Idea

His idea involves many children around the world. It can take place in any country! He proposes that Club Penguin should help those who are abused by their parents, grandparents, etc. Maybe we can help stop child abuse. There are many programs over the internet (I have looked myself) that you can donate money to in order to help try and stop child abuse. Donations can be raised, usually through the program "Coins For Change" during the Holiday Party on Club Penguin. Penguins donate up to thousands of coins each year from their own penguin! I think there should finally be a new fund to donate to.

Why You Should Help Try to Prevent Child Abuse?

·         Over 100,000 people a year die from injuries from child abuse. 
·         Those who are abused are usually scarred for life because of the abusive behavior they have been through as a child. 
·         Children can't protect themselves, they're too small. 
·         Every month, at least 100 babies are born to parents who smoke, drink, use drugs, etc. while pregnant.

How Will This Affect You? 

·         Many children and most likely parents around the world would thank you for help making a difference. 
·         Donating and attempting to help try and stop child abuse will change the lives of many, you won't see as much child abuse around the world as we do now.
·         You will most likely get you more publicity and especially players on Club Penguin. 


I think that this is a very important cause that Club Penguin should help. It is a very wise idea to have Club Penguin listen to us... So please take the time to email Club Penguin. I would like to thank Frosty Badge from for discussing this with me.



Anonymous said...

OMG! This is GENIUS! Shoutout to Frosty Badge!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think China needs it the most. There are thousands of kids there being kidnapped, killed, and/or abused there. There's an old man there who takes care of 50+ children who needed help and when he dies, where will they go? A million kids have been abducted from the streets of China every year. :'(