You Decide: Stage Pin!

Billybob is back with another you decide!  In February, The Haunting of the Viking Opera is returning to the Stage!  To celebrate, the Club Penguin team wants to make a viking-related pin!  They have sketched 3 different ideas, and they want US to vote for our favourite!
The options are #1, a target, #2, a blue viking helmet, or #3, a boat!  I chose option #3, and I encourage you to vote for 3, too!  But if you want to pick a different one, that's okay too. ;-]

Click HERE to vote!  Hurry, before the poll closes!


Fiolek Fan said...

i think #1 is a shield actualy.

Syka said...

Yeah, #1 is a shield. I think #2 is WAY BETTER!