Reviewed By You!

Hello fellow penguins! Yesterday in my post, Club Penguin mentioned you can get the Brown Puffle House for free. Kinda like Scoobyzyx...

Anyways, last week CP asked us what experiments we're doing with our Brown Puffles and here's what Mumble01360 said:

"My brown puffle is the new Sir Isaac Newton! He often conducts experiments with any spare nuts and bolts lying around. Mudd will fly his airplane (that he built in under 10 minutes) everywhere around CP. With all of the experimenting he does, he barely has time to sleep!"

Good job Muble01360! Well now CP wants to know, if we wrote a story about Puffles, what would it be like? Hmmm...I'm not good at writing stories so again, I don't think I'll enter but you should because you can win 10,000 coins! =D

That's all for now!

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