Field-Ops #31 Cheats! Message from Gary!

Today Club Penguin has decided to release the new Field-Op!  Like all Field-Ops, you'll need to begin by going to the EPF Command Room and clicking on the "Field-Ops" screen.  This message will pop up:
This week, your search for the problem is in the wilderness.  First go to the Dock, then into the maze.  Then, when you get to the first part with 4 paths stand by this rock:
Now, once you're standing where I am in that picture, your EPF phone will begin to ring.  Click on it to answer it!
This week the game you need to play is the Code-Breaking game!  Click "Engage" to begin.  To play this week's Field-Op mini game, find the correct symbols by clicking the circles. As you click them the symbol will change. When you press scan, it scans it to see if any are right. If there is a GREEN circle around them, it means that symbol is CORRECT. If there's a red one, it means it's WRONG and that symbol is NO WHERE. If it's yellow, it means that symbol IS correct but it's in the WRONG place!
Once you get the correct combination, your mission is complete and you get one Elite Medal for the Elite Gear!  But, wait!  When you COMPLETE the Field-Op, Gary sends you a message which pops up as soon as you're done!
< imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">
Hmm... What a strange message!  Apparently, us "Elite Penguin Fools" have a special part that someone needs... Looks like Herbert's back!  Let me know what you think of this week's Field-Op and this special message!

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