EPF Warning!

Attention agents!  The EPF has found a bug!  Earlier today I was browsing the EPF page of Club Penguin and everything was normal!  I was taking pictures and stuff for the new website design, and now I went back to get some finishing touches, and saw a huge notice!

Wow! It says:

System report: critical bugs detected.
Error code: //UP10K//
Threat Level: High. Be on alert.

Woah!!  Something BIG is gonna happen soon, it's obvious!  Glad I set up my site in time! ;-]

What do you think of this?  What do you think the exciting thing will be?  Click here to check out Club Penguin's EPF page.

1 comment:

coolman12743 said...

It says 10 in the error code and isn't the Spy Phone Update on the 10th? ;-)