Club Penguin Times Issue #275

June17 here! Alot of new stuff came today, like a new System Defender level. With those stuff comes the new newspaper! This week's topics are on the Puffle month in February and the Expedition ending soon.

Many penguins have been preparing for the upcoming month which will involve puffles! There will new Penguin Style, New Furniture and even a party(The Puffle Party). The new clothing items will be released on the 4th of February and new furniture will be here on mid-February.
The Wilderness Expedition will be gone on the 30th. Many penguins are still exploring and discovering the Brown Puffle. A penguin said that the notes during the way were helpful. The Club Penguin Times wants to have an interview with the penguin who made the notes. Will this lead to something cool? Here are the upcoming events:
Can't read them? Here they are:

Jan. 28: Agents Check for Messages

Jan. 30: Wilderness Expedition Ends

Feb. 1: Paycheck

Feb. 4: New Penguin Style

That's it!


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