Reviewed By You!

Yay! A new Reviewed By You has been posted and to save you the time, I'll post it for you! =P Anyways, last week CP wanted to know, What do you think is the greatest threat to peace on the Island? Well, here's what Alyssajane88 said!
"Most of the problems we solve in the Field Ops are to do with technology. I believe that the robots have something to do with it. Like the recent field op how it wanted to steal parts from the Aqua Grabber. Maybe it wanted to upgrade its self. I say we keep an eye out for anything unusual..." 

Nice job Alyssajane88! Well it seems the EPF recruit has been working says The Club Penguin Team. I wonder what happened to the Spy Phone update? Tell me! I wanna know your theories.
Anyways, CP now wants to know, what new technology do you think the EPF needs to develop next?
I think CP needs to work on the Spy Phone update that was suppose to come on the 10th...yet they're looking into more? xD Oh well.
That's all for now!

-Tactical Agent Coolman12743

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