Club Penguin Times Issue 274

June17 here! With all the new stuff that came out today, there was a new newspaper! This week's topics are on the new Wilderness Expedition and an Exclusive Interview with the Directer.

On last weeks newspaper, an secret expedition was revealed. Now that expedition has been announced and it's called Wilderness Expedition. Sadly, this is an ONLY member event and that members can access to equipment in the expedition. This exciting new adventure will take place on January 18!
Last week, there was an article about the EPF. Now CPT has been able to have an exclusive interview with Directer. The CPT asked many questions from Does a secret organization known as the EPF watch over the island and protect us?, to Is the EPF related to the group called the Penguin Secret Agency that used to protect us. Here are the upcoming events: Can't read them? Here they are:

Jan. 14: New Snow and Sports and Better Igloos Catalog

Jan. 28 Penguins That Time Forgot

Jan. 18 Wilderness Expedition

That's it!

-Stealth Agent June17-

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