Happy77 Asks About System Defender!

Today Happy77 talked to the developer of System Defender!
She asked him 3 different questions!  Here are her questions, and the developer's answers:

Q: This game is hard! Do you have any tips? 
A: It IS hard! Listen up. Remember these three 'C's: cannons, corners and colors. Build cannons quickly. Corners make cannons more effective. Use cannons of different colors. Those are the keys to winning. 

Q: How do I beat the bosses? 
A: You'll definitely need some firepower. Purple cannons fire slow, but do LOTS of damage. A couple of those will help you deal with those over-grown bugs!  

Q: Will there be new levels to play? 
A: I suppose that depends on whether anyone else is brave enough to attack the EPF... 

Wow!  Thanks Happy77, for the update on System Defender!

I'm loving this game.  How about you?  Let me know your opinion by leaving a comment!


Syka said...

I think it's fun to play. The color scheme is kinda boring, but other than that, it's a neat game. Saraapril HATES it, though.

Anonymous said...

ok slidoo so have we now got the new site up or am i on it?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah it is new site cool anyway

Zoeyuluv said...

Saraapril only hates it because theres no flowers or girly colors or unicorns. I like the game a lot. I like that its more challenging than other games on Club Penguin

Coolman12743-About Catalog said...

Really sorry I didn't post! As soon as you said that my Lap Top froze and as soon as I restarted it it was time for bed then I had to go on vacation....soz.