Hot Pink Puffle Exclusive!

Today, I was searching through old Puffle Party stuff and I found the logo that Club Penguin has always used for the annual party!  There are colours of all the puffles.  Originally, there were not yellow, white, orange, brown, or hot pink, but those colours were on the logo!  Well, every year, one of the colours on this logo has been released - This year, it was brown!  That means, that the ONLY colour left is HOT PINK!
Now, see what I mean?  Take a look at a picture I put together of what the puffle itself will look like:
I really think this is a good colour for girls, but not so much for boys.  They already HAVE a pink puffle, can't they make a different colour, like maroon, or aqua?  But, I still think the Hot Pink Puffle would be a good addition to Club Penguin!  We aren't sure if it's going to be coming quite yet, but I think it will be!  Let me know your opinion of the Hot Pink Puffle!



Zoeyuluv said...

Let girls have their fun!

EmmieXRainbowzX said...

Oh well, it might come next year..