Animated Club Penguin Brown Puffle Movements!

Today, as you probably know, Brown Puffles were released!  They are very unique and have very unique movements, so I have decided to put together some animated images to show you exactly how they move!

This is how they eat food:

This is how they dance, when you dance:

This is how they take a bath - This is one of my favourites:

This is how they chew bubble gum:

This is how they sleep:

This is how they play:

Those are the Brown Puffle's main actions!  I think that the Brown Puffle is one of my favourite puffles, because he is very unique and different from all the rest!  I think Club Penguin did a very good job with this puffle and its actions!  What do you think?  How are your feelings about the Brown Puffle?  Do you like it? Love it? Hate it? Comment!



coolman12743 said...

More actions with Play....

Anonymous said...

rocket action for play too