Slidoo & Pochoma123's Party on Club Penguin! *Repost*

Update: It's in less than 3 days!

Today, my friend Pochoma123 and I decided to host a party together! Here are the details:
But, of course, parties are always more fun with giveaways at the end!  So, after the party, Slidoo will be posting a Coin Code on his blog.  Also, Pochoma123 will post a Card-Jitsu code on his blog!

You could also win a Card-Jitsu Code, by Slidoo direct messaging you it on Twitter!  If you would like to have a shot at getting the Card-Jitsu Code, you need to follow Slidoo and Pochoma123 on Twitter (click on our names to go to our Twitter pages) and then you'll need to CLICK HERE to tweet saying that you're coming to the party, and that you have a chance to win!  You will also need to COME to the party in order to be able to win!  If you do not do all of those steps, you will not be able to win the code.

Also, Slidoo and Pochoma123 will BOTH be adding!  Slidoo will be adding 30-50 penguins, and Pochoma123 will be adding 10 penguins!

Make sure you go early, because it is possible that it will get full!

Click here to check out Slidoo's blog | Click here to check out Pochoma123's blog

We hope that you will attend our party, and take part in the giveaway after!  You will not want to miss out on all the fun of this big party!

-Slidoo & Pochoma123

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